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Tire Pressure Calculator

Inflate your tires to this pressure:
Soft: 36 psi (2.5 bar)
Firm: 45 psi (3.1 bar)

The calculator gives you two tire pressure recommendations. Use the ‘Soft’ value for gravel, rough pavement, or if you prefer a more comfortable ride. Use the ‘Firm’ value if you like your bike to have a firm feel. The ‘Firm’ values also provide a considerable margin of safety if your pressure drops a bit. With the ‘Soft’ pressure, you are stressing your tire casing more, and it may wear out faster.

Bicycle Quarterly’s extensive tire tests have shown that – on smooth roads – supple high-performance tires roll at the same speed at either of these two pressures. Pressures between these two values roll a little slower. On rough surfaces, your bike will be faster at the ‘Soft’ pressure.

This pressure calculator is intended only as guidance. Also remember that your pump’s gauge may not be accurate. When in doubt, use a tire pressure that feels right and safe to you instead of the values provided by the calculator.

Do not exceed the maximum pressure for your tire and/or rim. For tubeless installation, many tires have lower maximum pressures than what’s listed on the sidewall. Refer to the tire/rim manufacturers specifications.